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Every Child Deserves a Team (Kurtis Hewson/Lorna Hewson)

In this episode, Lead Learners and Co-Founders of Jigsaw Learning, Kurtis and Lorna Hewson, share the evolution of their tagline and the impact they hope it has with partners.

Reinvigorating Collaborative Response (Tim Rogers/Laurel Beaton)

The leadership team from Eastbrook Elementary School in Grasslands School Division shares how reinvigorating Collaborative Response is building enthusiam and empowerment among their teachers.

Putting the Pieces Together Trailer

The Spark of Collaborative Response

In this episode, Julie Chorney, Director of Teaching Quality and Staff Development in Lakeland Catholic School Division, shares the spark of excitement that is Collaborative Response.

Using WeCollab to Support Collaborative Response (Collette Sylvestre)

Learning Associate Collette Sylvestre shares some of her previous education career history that includes the implementation of WeCollab and the organic development of Collaborative Team Meetings as a result.

System Approach to Collaborative Response Part 2: A Sustained Journey (Jeff Thompson)

In the second episode of this two-part webcast, Jeff Thompson, Assistant Superintendent - Teaching and Learning, speaks to the sustained journey that Peace River School Division is on as they implement Collaborative Response.

A System Approach to Collaborative Response Part 1 (Jeff Thompson)

In the first episode of this two-part webcast, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Jeff Thompson shares the journey of implementing Collaborative Response as a system in Peace River School Division.

Collaborative Response for Relationships (Audrey Ghostkeeper/Kris Herbert)

The E.G. Wahlstrom administrative team, Principal Kris Herbert and Assistant Principal Audrey Ghostkeeper, share how the pieces of Collaborative Response have helped to focus on building positive relationships with students across their school through identifying key issues and articulating a continuum of supports.

The Complexity of Literacy: Learning and Teaching Reading and Writing (Cheryl Gascoyne/Kathleen Robertson)

Learning Associates Cheryl Gascoyne and Kathleen Robertson share their passion for literacy as they discuss its complexity, ways to use data and evidence to address strengths and next steps in literacy learning, and how literacy fits into Collaborative Response.

Articulating Quality Learning Environments (Nolan Andriuk)

Principal of Elmer Elson Elementary School Nolan Andriuk shares the articulation of Quality Learning Environments in Northern Gateway Public Schools and its impact on the principal cohort and school culture.

Foundational Understandings of Collaborative Response (Lorna Hewson)

Lorna Hewson, Lead Learner and Co-Founder of Jigsaw Learning, shares how the journey of Collaborative Response has established some deep foundational understandings through learning alongside our partners.

The Pursuits of Online Learning (Sandi Harrower/Tara Tanner)

Divisional Principal Tara Tanner and Early Learning Supervisor/Learning Coach Sandi Harrower share the journey of the LRSD Pursuits Program.

Online Learning Part 3: Considerations for Online Teacher (Colin Byers)

Learning Associate Colin Byers shares considerations for online teaching, including thoughts to ponder for leaders of online teachers.

Online Learning Part 2: Considerations for Online Communities (Colin Byers)

Learning Associate Colin Byers speaks to routines, rituals, digital citizenship, and structures as being key to building community online.

Collaborative Response in the High School Context (Chris Adamson)

Chris Adamson, Vice Principal of Innisfail High School, shares a journey of Collaborative Response.

Online Learning Part 1: Considerations for Learning and Equity (Colin Byers)

New Learning Associate Colin Byers discusses the similarities and differences between classroom, online, and e-learning, as well as considerations for instructional design in the digital realm that addresses equity for students and families.

Reimagining Mission, Vision, and Team Dynamics (Amber Hester)

Lead Learner Amber Hester speaks to the foundational statements that support teams identifying their purpose and function, the changing direction of commitments as a result of COVID-19, and how understanding how individuals interact with one another can strengthen a team through productive conflict and high performance.

Responsive Environments: Re-establishing Whole School and Classroom Expectations and Structures (Lana Nogue/Kathleen Robertson)

Learning Associates Lana Nogue and Kathleen Robertson share curiosities and possibilities about Re-Establishing Whole School and Classroom Structures and Expecations to ensure Responsive Environments for staff and students.

Collaborative Response as a Catalyst for System Reform Part 3: Growing the Mindset (Mark Davidson)

In this third of a three part series, Mark Davidson, Superintendent of Medicine Hat Public Schools, shares the next steps to be taken in growing the mindset behind Collaborative Response and reflects on personal experience as to why the framework is so important in supporting students.

Collaborative Response as a Catalyst for System Reform Part 2: Challenges and Successes (Mark Davidson)

In this second of a three part series, Mark Davidson, Superintendent of Medicine Hat Public School Division, shares challenges and successes of implementing Collaborative Response with fidelity as a system.

Collaborative Response as a Catalyst for System Reform Part 1: The Journey (Mark Davidson)

In the first of a three part series, Mark Davidson, Superintendent of Medicine Hat Public School Division, shares the journey of identifying universal instructional practices and articulating strategies for supporting students as aligned with the values of Collaborative Response.

Supporting Beginning Teachers: An Unprecedented First Year (Cheryl Gascoyne)

Learning Associate Cheryl Gascoyne shares her experiences about working with beginning teachers, building relationships with district personnel, and genuinely caring: for students and for each other.

Structuring and Supporting Intentional Learning and Connectedness (Kurtis Hewson/Lorna Hewson)

Co-Founders and Lead Learners of Jigsaw Learning Kurtis and Lorna Hewson speak to the work that is underway with partners and the team focused on learning and connection - for students and educators.

Finding the Positive in the Pandemic (Lana Nogue)

Lana Nogue, Learning Associate with Jigsaw Learning, shares some of the positive experiences she encountered in working with partners in education during the Covid-19 context.

Leading with Grace and Ease Through a Time of Uncertainty (Marilyn Schmitke)

Learning Associate Marilyn Schmitke is asked about what it means to lead with grace and ease and how that might be accomplished when leading a learning community faced with uncertainty

Planning for Intentional Connectedness: Layering Meetings During a Pandemic (Kurtis Hewson)

Lead Learner Kurtis Hewson speaks to the intentional layering of meetings and amplifying structures and processes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seeking Staff Buy In? Ask the Right Questions (Marilyn Schmitke)

Marilyn Schmitke, Learning Associate with Jigsaw Learning, shares some thoughts from a leadership perspective about how it is questioning, not buy in, that leads to strategic and sustainable change.

Fundamental Shifts in Collaborative Response (Kurtis Hewson)

Kurtis Hewson, Lead Learner with Jigsaw Learning, goes deeper in the discussion about his recent blog post highlighting shifts that have resulted from learning in the field with school and district partners.

Impact of CRM on School Culture (Arlene Littlemore)

In this interview, Arlene Littlemore shares her experience of implementing Jigsaw Learning's Collaborative Response Model as a school leader and the growth that was seen as individuals and as a collective staff.

Impact of CRM on District Support for Students and Schools

This episode with Lorna Hewson focuses on how the deep understanding of the Collaborative Response Model at the district level can align processes to enhance supports for schools and students.

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